Do you need help?  I'll be happy to help you!


One-to-one consultancy session


Would you like to discuss how to get started with your website project?  Want to brainstorm your website plan with me?  Want feedback on your work in progress? 


I'll consult with you via Skype in sessions of 30 minutes or one hour which you can book online by clicking the button below.

Consultancy via Skype costs $30/30 mins or $60/hour (including tax).  You can either pay online now or come back and pay later having made your booking, but your payment must be made before your session.

Please note that I can't help you with anything to do with a third party plugin, app, or theme, or any question that your platform would be able to answer for you; these sessions are for advice, guidance and accountability, not for tech support.  I won't actually be doing your website building for you, but guiding you so you can do it for yourself.

Website appraisal


Not sure you're website is working as well as it could for you?  Let me help.


I'll go through your website thoroughly and give you a detailed, written report on what I think is good, and what could potentially be better.

I'll look at all the following:

  • How well it works for you, according to your business needs.
  • The "look and feel" - is is right for your target clients?
  • Whether the images and the other visuals hit the mark.
  • Will it capture the attention of your intended audience?
  • Does the website copy read well and is it inviting and effective?
  • Does your message come across?
  • Does it work just as well on mobile phones and tablets?
  • Are you missing anything that could make the website better and more engaging?
  • Does your website image streamline across your social media platforms?

I'll come up with tons of actionable ideas that you can easily put into practice.   I'll help you make sure your website's doing the job you need it to!

A website appraisal costs $120 (plus VAT where applicable).  Once you've purchased, I'll come back to you by email with some questions so I can learn about your site, your business and other aspects of your online presence.