My new guide is waiting for you.

Hi, I'm Alannah Moore, author and "DIY" website specialist.

I’ve written several published books about creating your own website (one of them was an Amazon bestseller back in 2013 when it was first published!).

The thing is that everything on the web changes so fast, and what was true last year is no longer true today.

So I’ve decided to write a brand new downloadable guide detailing my tried-and-tested 12-step system to create your own website or blog, which includes the latest, most up to date recommendations.

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I’ve taught possibly hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs by now how to build their own websites through my books, workshops and online courses, and by this stage I have a pretty good idea of the kinds of difficulties people run into!

That’s why I created my new guide: to help people who want to build their own website or blog, but may have been hesitating as to how to go about it.

The wonderful thing is that today, all the tools exist for even non-designer, non-techie people to create themselves a brilliant website.

You might simply need a little bit of pointing in the right direction.

  • Twelve easy-to follow steps

  • Downloadable, accessible immediately

  • Brand new, so everything’s up to date

  • All the details you need - more than 200 pages, but super-easy to follow so you won’t get bogged down

  • Helps you choose the right system for you. What suits one person may very well not suit another

  • Covers WordPress, Squarespace and many simpler systems

  • My favourite advice on how to write the text for your web pages

  • How to get your site ready for the search engines - no mystery!

  • How to create a fantastic-looking logo yourself, easily!—and where to find great visuals for your website

  • No jargon, no confusion

  • Anyone can create their own professional-looking website or blog.


If you have any time free over the summer and you’ve been thinking you really must get your website off the ground, why not download the ebook now and let me make it easy for you?


When you’ve finished your website, please write and give me the link (, and I’ll be delighted to admire the beautiful self-built website that you’ve created!


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