Following an online course is a brilliant way to learn. 

  • You can go at your own speed.
  • The videos show you how to do all the techie stuff, so you can see exactly what you need to do and can't possibly go wrong. 
  • You get to choose when to follow the modules, so you can do it whenever you like, even if your time zone is entirely different from your teacher's. 
  • You aren't alone, even if you're online and working by yourself... you can ask questions about anything you're not clear on, and get them answered right inside the course (or by email, if you prefer to do it that way). 

Online learning is the way forward... so join me and learn how to make your own website, following my guidance!


Create Your Own Website in 48 Hours


Are you feeling stuck about how to go about building your website? 

Perhaps you're totally overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, or the tech part feels too daunting to tackle? 

Let me help you... and get your own beautiful, effective and impressive self-built website up there and live - in just 48 hours.

Create Your Own Website Using WordPress

WordPress is an incredibly popular - and powerful - website-building tool. 

If you use WordPress you can get your website to do pretty much anything you want it to, and you have literally thousands of beautiful website themes to choose from to customize for your own use. 

If you want to join the millions using WordPress to build their website, let me take you by the hand and show you how.