Hello, and welcome to this website. My name is Alannah Moore.  I'm an author and teacher, and I specialise in helping people create their own websites.

My mission is to help people create their own websites without having to pay a lot of money, get technical, or rely on someone else to bring their vision alive for them.


To this end, I run online courses and write books that show people how they can create their own websites the easiest way possible - without knowing how to code or getting involved with any kind of programming.

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If you’re in charge of your own website, a whole myriad of possibilities are open to you.

  • You can get your voice heard all over the world.

  • You can start an online business, selling your products or your services.

  • You could change the course of your life, and you could change other people’s lives too.

This is why for the last twenty-ish years I've been entirely fascinated by the internet and all things to do with website creation.

This interest was spawned when I ran an incredibly unwieldy real-world business.  I used to import furniture created by design school graduates in Paris and sell it in London galleries.  It was a true labour of love - I used to transport the furniture myself across the Channel in a transit van.  It occurred to me how much simpler it would be if I didn't have to lug the stuff around physically and worry about logistics such as delivery, grouping orders and cross-Channel freight tarriffs.  That's when I started to get interested in the internet and how people could set up location-independent businesses that operated virtually, meaning they didn't actually need to be anywhere in particular themselves.

I was totally hooked on the new world I'd discovered.  After many months of immersion during which taught myself everything I know about web design - I started a web design business.  This was way back in 2001 and I continued to run it all the way up to about 2014 when the books and the teaching took over my time.  Over all these years I created what must add up to hundreds of websites - and listened to the problems, usually in my kitchen, of very many small business owners. 

That's what led me eventually towards teaching people to build their own websites.  I saw that there was a huge need for people to be have control themselves, yet the whole area needed demystifying, given that it’s now obligatory for anyone with any kind of public profile or embarking on any sort of project to have an online presence, and people tend to be entirely baffled as to how to go about it. 

If only people realised that today, given the amazing tools that are now in existence, it really isn't as hard or as confusing to get started as they think it's going to be.

For several years I ran website-building workshops for individuals and small business owners in London and Paris in an attempt to address this need (see the pictures below).  I now run my courses entirely online which is much more practical and means I'm entirely location-independent with regards to my work.

Me teaching a group of female entrepreneurs in Paris in 2012.

Me teaching a group of female entrepreneurs in Paris in 2012.

A workshop in London in 2014.

A workshop in London in 2014.

While I was teaching workshops, I was approached by a publishing company (Ilex, which is part of Octopus/Hachette) to write a book about Do-It-Yourself website creation.  My first book was Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend, which was an Amazon bestseller back at its launch in 2013.  This was followed by The Creative Person’s Website BuilderCreate Your Own Online Store in a Weekend and Create Your Own Website the Easy Way.  My books are all listed on Amazon - you can click here to find out more about them.

If you're looking for updates for my books, please click here.

Please get in touch with me if you run an interesting and creative business enterprise using the internet - I am always fascinated to hear people's stories.  I'm also really delighted to hear from my readers so if you've read one of my books and built your website with its help, please do get in touch with me and let me know what you are doing.

In addition, if you're into internet business and DIY website building, you might be interested in receiving my newsletter, which I usually send out out about twice a month.  It contains details of useful website-building resources I find online, keeps you up to date with book updates and new courses and toolkits I produce, and sometimes gives you discount codes that I only make available to subscribers.