You want to get a website up and running but the tech is freaking you out.  You know you should be able to, because other people have … but it seems like such a gigantic task. 

Where on earth are you meant to start?


That’s where I come in!

I’m Alannah Moore, “DIY” website specialist, and my mission is to help people like you get themselves up and online with a fantastic looking website that does exactly what they need it to do - while avoiding technical headaches.

I’m the author of several books on how to create your own website, including Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend that was an Amazon bestseller at the time of its publication back in 2013.

Through my books, my real-world workshops and my online courses I’ve helped literally thousands of people create and launch their own successful self-built websites.

I now teach website creation for business at several different international business schools in Paris, France.


Teaching workshops in Paris (left) and London (right).

Teaching workshops in Paris (left) and London (right).


I was a web designer for many years before starting to teach people to build their own websites.  I began because my clients kept asking me to teach them how to do their own website updates.  With the advent of WordPress there was now a way they could, without learning any programming - and it's even easier today, now that many other, simpler, website creation systems exist that non-designer, non-programmers can use.

Over those fifteen-ish years running my web design business I brainstormed with hundreds of small business owners and other people who needed to get themselves online over a cup of tea, either in my kitchen or in my local café.  That’s how I got to know about the worries people have when they need to get a website built, what mistakes are commonly made, and what advice they generally need.

When you work with me, I use these insights to help you identify what you need your website to do for you, and from there decide how you’re going to create it - what tools you need, what images, how you display your message, and how you’re going to connect with your audience.  I deliberately cut out unnecessary tech talk and try to keep the whole thing fun for you, so you can actually enjoy the process of building your website instead getting stressed out, and the fact that you're finally getting your message out there.

My online courses are designed to get to the point right away, teaching you exactly what you need to know, and helping you avoid the pitfalls and time-sucks that often confront the first time “DIY” website creator.  My aim is to enable you to get a website that works just how you want it to, and looks beautiful as well - without the whole thing becoming a nightmare for you, or dragging on and on because you've got mired in overwhelm.

In case you’d like to find out more ...

I’ve lived in Paris for over twenty years (right in the centre, by Notre Dame) although I’m originally from London and I return there regularly.  I have an eleven year old son and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (who, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know is the best assistant of all time).

Entrepreneurialism is a passion of mine.  It’s a world I can’t resist being attracted to – the ideas that people come up with intrigue me.  My own first business was importing furniture created by design school graduates in Paris and selling it in London galleries – I used to transport the furniture myself across the Channel in a transit van.  That business didn’t flourish but it started my lifelong curiosity about the different businesses people set up and how they make them work.

My fascination with the internet stems from this time.  While running the furniture business I kept thinking how much easier it would be if I didn't have to physically lug around the things I was selling myself.  I decided to learn everything I possibly could about the internet and how people could use it to run businesses. This was way back around the millenium time when Yahoo was king, if you can remember those days.  I was what one might call an early adopter - I used to run an "ezine," which was a thing back then! - and had a message group with thousands of members.  While I stopped all that years ago and began designing websites instead, my interest in online business has grown, if that's possible, still more over the years.  I’m especially intrigued by discovering what people are doing online so that they can be location-independent – real businesses that use the internet to propel them that have changed their owners’ lives.

Aside from all things internet-related, other passions include art—I try to go to all the exhibitions I can in both Paris and London—and cookery—I particularly like cooking with all kinds of different spices.  I also love going for very long rambles in the forest in the French countryside.


Some pictures of myself, my café, my assistant, and Paris.

Some pictures of myself, my café, my assistant, and Paris.


I’m a regular contributor to Inspirelle, an online magazine for women in Paris, that features all kinds of articles from business to food to lifestyle, to what’s on (see here for an interview done with me); you can hear an interview with me on Caroline Dowd Higgins’s podcast series “Your Working Life” if you want to hear more about my ideas about internet business, and there’s a fairly recent article about me on Mama Loves Paris by my friend Claudette Parry Laws.

To keep in touch with me and find out the latest in the website-building world, you can sign up for my newsletter here (I usually send it out about twice a month and it’s full of ideas and useful resources for the DIY website builder). 

If you're looking for updates to my books, please see here.


My books are published by Ilex (Octopus/Hachette).

My books are published by Ilex (Octopus/Hachette).